Agriculture Programs

Agriculture is alive and well in Grainger County. Extension is heavily involved in bringing educational classes that meet the needs of the citizens. Here is a list of many of our programs.

Photo of a brick house with a lawn
Homeowner, Lawn, and Pruning
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row of crops in a field
Vegetable Production & Food Safety
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Brown Marmorated Stink Bug on plant
Tomato Disease and Insect ID
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Beef, Livestock, & Forage Information
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Hubert Williams Produce
Find Local Farmers
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Grants & other Local Resources
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Tennessee Century Farms Program
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Grainger County Tomato Festival
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Contact Information

Anthony Carver
Ext Agent III & Co Director
Phone: (865) 828-3411

Agriculture is big business in Grainger County. Here are some Ag Facts to prove it:

  • Over 650 Greenhouses
  • 923 farms
  • 87,117 acres in farm land
  • 18,218 acres of hay/corn silage
  • 500 Acres of Field Vegetables
  • 22,385 Head of Cattle
  • Livestock make up 45% of Ag sales
  • Ranked 44th in state for livestock