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Lawn Weed ID Website​

The first rule of controlling a weed is to identify the weed. UT Weed Science has a great website to help individuals with this first step. Once IDed, use the Turf Weed Control Manual in the above list to understand what will control it. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Grainger County Farmers Page

Want to find a farmer near you? Here is a site that list farm families that offer great tasting produce and meat products. All produced here in Grainger County, TN.

Grainger County Farmers Map

Home Production Videos

Home Tomato Production (YouTube)

Reasons to Prune Fruit Trees (YouTube)​

How to Prune Fruit Trees (YouTube)

​​Grainger County Commercial Tomato Production
Everyone always wants to know “How we grow them great tasting Grainger County tomatoes?” Well, here is a video that will help explain the process.

Grainger County Tomatoes – The Basics

Tomato Festival

The largest free festival in Tennessee is held the last full weekend in July. Don’t miss out on all the fun, food, entertainment, and of course great tasting Grainger County Tomatoes!

See The Famous Tomato Wars!!!

UT Hort Page

The UT Hort Page is a great place to find all things growing. The link above gives resources that any gardener or landscape person can use to find the answers. Also check out the publications to the right.

Homeowner Consultant

Anthony Carver
County Director & Ext Agent
Phone: (865) 828-3411
Email: bcarver4@utk.edu

We provide homeowners with information to better their standard of living. For example, I answer questions such as, ​  “Why can’t I get my flowers to grow?   A disease has hit my roses, what is it and how do I control it?  ​ How do I stop these lady beetles and box elder bugs from coming into my home?   What fertilizer do I need for my lawn?”   So if you have these questions or others the below content may answer those questions. If not, feel free to contact me.


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