Home-owner Hot Topics by Season


Mid – February is the time to start thinking about our lawns and trees. Activities that are promoted between mid February through March include: adding new seeds to lawns, weed control of lawns for spring weeds, prune landscaping trees (if missed in the fall), pruning grapes and other fruit trees, also spraying a dormant oil for insect control on fruit trees. To discuss any of these, contact Anthony at 865-828-3411 or drop by the Extension Office.

Late May – June is the best and only time to be thinking of controlling summer weeds in the lawn. If you miss this window it will be next year before good summer weed control can be achieved. 

Late August – October is the best time to add new cool-season grasses (fescue, orchardgrass) to the lawn. The rate should be around 5 lbs of new seed per 1000 square feet.

Soil testing is always the┬ábest recommendation no matter what time of the year it is, because one learns exactly what is needed in the soil. Fall is a great time to conduct a soil test. The reason being the ground is as poor as it will be. The grass/garden has given the plants the nutrients all year long, and the soil test will tell what is needed for the next year’s grow.

Fall is a great time to do a preventive spray to control bugs from coming in the house to over-winter. Caulking windows and small holes is recommended, too.